Each of our six verticals (industries served) is headed by one or more of our industry experts with the full support of our conscious collective of advisors and service providers. We assess your business needs from a holistic view and assemble your conscious team.


Co-Chairs: Dr. Rob Streisfeld, Kenn Israel and Eric Schnell

Our Nutraceutical Vertical’s mission is to identify, support, and expand the presence of science-based ingredients and formulas to the rapidly growing the health and wellness consumer market. We recognize that innovation and opportunity exists with both single ingredient products, as well as complex formulas. Our experts can offer support in all aspects of your business needs from incubation and building through launch and acceleration.

Eric Schnell

Expertise: Expertise: Socialpreneur, Brand Developer, Sales, Marketing, Business Strategy Leader. Eric has nearly 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, formulation and operations in the Natural Product, Supplement, Beverage and Food industries, with diverse experience managing upstart as well as turnaround companies and launching new brands and products. Eric is the co-founder of Steaz, founder of MetaBrand and I AM Products and drives the vision, innovation and key relationships for BeyondBrands and it’s partner clients.

Brands: Brands: Country Life Vitamins, Steaz, I AM Products, MetaBrand

Dr. Rob Streisfeld

Expertise: Dr. of Naturopathic Medicine, Certified Natural Food Chef, Education, Training, Community Engagement, Innovative Branding and Marketing. Expertise in Whole Food Nutrition, Supplements, Product Dev, Formulation

Brands: Body Ecology, Garden of Life, Enzymedica, Rainbow Light, Country Life, Hemp Meds

Kenn Israel

Expertise: Working in supplements, botanicals, nutraceuticals industry over 25 yrs., Seasoned pro in the product development and manufacturing space, brings a passion for the transformative power of healthy living and supplementation. Product Development, Branding, Trade Show Marketing, Print Media and E- Marketing

Jon Lapham

Expertise: Client Services, Business Development, Sales Management, Project Management.

Brands: GNC, T-Mobile, I AM

Alex Wasl

Expertise: Founder, formulator, and creator of the Euphorix®|Liquid Happiness® brand. Specializes in branding and formulating beverages, food and nutritional products, dietary supplements/nutraceuticals, sports/fitness supplements, botanical products, cannabis products, and cleansing agents.

Brands: Euphorix®|Liquid Happiness®, WheyClean®, Incarnata™, Aqua-CBD™, ISO-CBD™

Jeff Wasserman

Expertise: Dietary Supplement & Cannabis industry expert, corporate law partner, entrepreneur & investor advising emerging growth companies on capital raising, strategic alliances, and exit transactions.

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