Each of our six verticals (industries served) is headed by one or more of our industry experts with the full support of our conscious collective of advisors and service providers. We assess your business needs from a holistic view and assemble your conscious team.

Plant Medicine

Leader: Dr. Rob Streisfeld
Co-chairs: Errol Schweizer, Kenn Israel, Eric Schnell

BeyondBrands’ Conscious Plant Medicine Coalition provides assistance, guidance, and education to the emerging plant medicine industry. Plant medicine is used around the world as healthy food, sustainable fiber, and natural medicine. Our strong strategic relationships and diverse collective resources allows our Conscious Plant Medicine Coalition the abilities to vet and support a vast array of unique cannabis related needs. These may include branding, marketing, financial planning and strategy, packaging design, R&D, sourcing of raw materials, formulation support, label and regulatory guidance, sales/distribution, and more. This is the time of increased awareness of this amazing plant, and it is our goal to co-create quality, safe, and effective products and brands that will help to further establish plant medicine as a healthful and therapeutic option.

Erroll Schweizer

Expertise: Product Development, Ingredient Sourcing, Pricing, Promotions, Marketing & Distribution. Errol was the lead merchandiser & negotiator for largest & most profitable department at Whole Foods Markets for over 7 years. He holds over a decade of experience in Organic purchasing leadership, possesses a strong operations background, has collaborated with 100s of supplier partners across over 80 categories to successful launches of 1000s of innovative new products, including Harmless Harvest, Siggi’s, Suja, Saffron Road, Califia and Evol.

Brands: Whole Foods Markets, Fairway Markets, Brandstorm, Kite Hill, Beyond Meat and Epic Bars

Eric Schnell

Expertise: Expertise: Socialpreneur, Brand Developer, Sales, Marketing, Business Strategy Leader. Eric has nearly 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, formulation and operations in the Natural Product, Supplement, Beverage and Food industries, with diverse experience managing upstart as well as turnaround companies and launching new brands and products. Eric is the co-founder of Steaz, founder of MetaBrand and I AM Products and drives the vision, innovation and key relationships for BeyondBrands and it’s partner clients.

Brands: Brands: Country Life Vitamins, Steaz, I AM Products, MetaBrand

Dr. Rob Streisfeld

Expertise: Dr. of Naturopathic Medicine, Certified Natural Food Chef, Education, Training, Community Engagement, Innovative Branding and Marketing. Expertise in Whole Food Nutrition, Supplements, Product Dev, Formulation

Brands: Body Ecology, Garden of Life, Enzymedica, Rainbow Light, Country Life, Hemp Meds

Kenn Israel

Expertise: Working in supplements, botanicals, nutraceuticals industry over 25 yrs., Seasoned pro in the product development and manufacturing space, brings a passion for the transformative power of healthy living and supplementation. Product Development, Branding, Trade Show Marketing, Print Media and E- Marketing

Andrew Young

Expertise: A respected cannabis industry professional that uses experience, resources and time tested strategies to accomplish clear goals. Created some of the most effective Cannabis based topical sprays and salves, as well as an extensive line of Cannabis based healing products. Proven architectural, planning professional with over 9 years of commercial design experience. Lifetime of agriculture background ranging from cannabis cultivation, farming, gardening, implementing cutting edge permaculture techniques, and a vast knowledge of the entire cannabis industry. Andrew has an ability to translate requirements into effective and innovative solutions using strong analytical skills and a sense of user experience design principles.

Mark O’Donnell

Expertise: Finance & Business Management & Strategy, Board Reporting, Information Technology, entrepreneur

Mark is an owner and the CEO of LizzyJays, a fresh pressed juice company that services its clientele through direct-to-consumer delivery.  LizzyJays has built a successful e-commerce platform, which has been developed through Mark’s knowledge of technology and finance.  Mark also founded M.S. O’Donnell & Co., a full service financial and business strategy consulting firm.  His clients have ranged from small start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.  He has worked in such industries as consumer products, construction, real estate and medical & pharmaceutical.  For these clients, Mark has conducted almost every facet of financial business consulting.

Matthew Tollin

Expertise: Founder of WireLawyer; JD from The Harvard Law School. In 2014 Matthew partnered with Mindful Medical New York (MMNY) which was created for the purpose of serving as a registered organization providing a medical marijuana program in New York State. The Company is a joint venture of RAM Holdings Group, LLC and NY Canopy Venture Group, LLC. RAM represents a group of highly successful New York business executives with a vast array of experience in farming, medicine, banking, technology, and law enforcement.

Mackenze McAleer

Expertise: Mac brings 15 years of entrepreneurial digital media experience to a budding passion for regenerative agriculture, agroecology and clean tech. For years, he’s been developing an innovative geoponics growing system and a business model that will fulfill institutional demand locally, and make growing at home, year-round, easier and tastier.

Michael Christopher

Expertise: Business/product developer, mobile POS, e-commerce, strategy, finance/business management & operations. Ambassador/consultant for PeaceBoat NGO, U.N. organization focused on cultural exchange and the preservation of the environment.

Brands: Founder LoftTea, Sonic Platforms, BUREAU, BreadcrumbPro by Groupon, PeaceBoatNGO, BravoTV/Top Chef Kitchen

Alex Wasl

Expertise: Founder, formulator, and creator of the Euphorix®|Liquid Happiness® brand. Specializes in branding and formulating beverages, food and nutritional products, dietary supplements/nutraceuticals, sports/fitness supplements, botanical products, cannabis products, and cleansing agents.

Brands: Euphorix®|Liquid Happiness®, WheyClean®, Incarnata™, Aqua-CBD™, ISO-CBD™

Mica Gross

Expertise: Organizational Management and Leadership, process development, organic food, functional ingredients, dietary supplements, cannabis therapeutics, product development, brand and product innovation, documentation, urban gardening, formulations, cost and inventory modeling, cGMP, HACCP.

Brands: Wana Brands, Native Roots, AeroGrow & Azantic

Jeff Wasserman

Expertise: Dietary Supplement & Cannabis industry expert, corporate law partner, entrepreneur & investor advising emerging growth companies on capital raising, strategic alliances, and exit transactions.

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