Trace Femcare Announces Regenerative and Biodegradable Tampon, Aims to Disrupt the Period Care Category


Unique Investment Opportunity Supports Revolutionary, Traceable Climate Beneficial™ Cotton and Hemp Tampon 

A pioneer in US hemp fiber production, Crunk spent two years nurturing key relationships and building a robust supply chain to produce the hemp that would eventually serve to create Trace’s regenerative Climate Beneficial™ cotton period care line. The brand’s identity is rooted in total supply chain transparency and firmly believes everyone deserves to know exactly what goes into their body. By developing deep, collaborative relationships with the farmers who grow the raw materials, processors, and manufacturers, Crunk ensured the hemp fiber and cotton used in Trace tampons provides consumers with a level of unmatched transparency by most brands, empowering them to “reclaim their autonomy”. In fact, Trace is a founding member of a coalition of brands (Carhartt, Reformation, and others) working directly with farmers to employ regenerative growing practices that eliminate the need for pesticides, nurture soil better than organic methods alone and exceed organic standards. 


“Organic cotton and plastic-free are great, but we wanted to push the limits to give women something even better.  Not only are we technically exceeding organic standards, but our innovations empower women to help reverse climate change simply by having a period and using our tampons,” said Crunk.

“It’s not enough to simply be organic anymore. Regenerative is the new eco-friendly economy and the future of sustainable agriculture; these aren’t simply ideas or marketing slogans. We are acting in innovative ways never before seen in the industry,” added Crunk. 

The Trace Difference: 

  • World’s 1st tampon made from 100% regenerative, Climate Beneficial™ cotton and hemp 
  • Exceeds organic growing standards and organically processed
  • 100% plastic free; natural fibers only, fully biodegradable 
  • Land restoration to BIPOC farmers
  • No bleach, No dyes, Non-GMO and No glyphosate or dioxins
  • Traceability from farm to vagina 


Each batch is third party tested and verified for unprecedented transparency. “Our 100% all-natural tampons are the first personal care items ever made from two groundbreaking, earth healing materials: Hemp fiber and C4 (California Cotton and Climate Coalition) Climate Beneficial (TM) cotton.  We don’t use any unnecessary hidden ingredients and we deliver a level of transparency and traceability from farm to body previously unheard of in period care. All of these innovative practices manifest a legacy of healing—us, each other, and the earth,” said Dr. Meg Galaske MD, co-founder of Trace Femcare. 

For Investors

This is an opportunity to invest in a revolutionary tampon that is expected to disrupt the feminine hygiene category with a planned launch in the first half of 2023.  The company will sell its products direct to consumers and via retail channels. “We believe you could not make a more important investment. We plan to take the industry by storm,” said Crunk. Trace has raised $700,000 in outside capital to date and is accepting $300,000 of additional investment in their current round.  The company is already expanding operations beyond product alone to meet urgent, growing demand from third parties for quality hemp fiber and contract manufacturing, for which a Seed round of $3-5M is expected.

About Trace

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Trace is a purpose-driven company on a mission to heal the earth and nurture bodies. Their Board and Founders are made up of multiple healthcare providers and a top engineer specializing in absorbent hygiene, along with the hardworking hands of trusted farmers. Trace is ensuring their tampons will go well beyond sustainability and foster regeneration of healthy soil while surpassing traditional organic standards.  

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