The Impact of Applying Quintuple Bottom Line to Your CPG Brand


BeyondBrands was created by me and my wife, Under the Canopy and Institute for Integrative Nutrition Co-founder Marci Zaroff. We knew we wanted to create an agency that thought differently about our place, and the brands we represent, in this world. It wasn’t enough to scale a brand to make money, it had to be more…much, much more. The saying “business as usual” now holds a new meaning. It is no longer sufficient in the eyes of consumers, employees, and other stakeholders to only meet compliance standards. That’s why we created BeyondBrands, a handpicked team of current & former entrepreneurs, VP’s, and C-Suite executives who are co-creating the future model of full-service, end-to-end executive-level consulting including brand incubation and acceleration in the Natural Products Industry. 

Our thesis when founding the agency almost a decade ago, and what helped our brands standout, was the Quintuple Bottom Line® that embraces the 5Ps – Passion, Purpose, People, Planet, Prosperity. Those brands that understand and operate through a Quintuple Bottom Line framework offer opportunities for optimization, innovation, and improvement across all sectors in the natural products industry. 

Engaging a business model that considers the “5P’s” will ultimately lead to increased resilience and cost savings, decreased organizational risk, a decrease in unforeseen costs, and overall happiness in our people and success for all stakeholders in our community. Our mission is, and always will be, to ensure we are building the best future for our industry and are supporting the next generation of leaders with businesses that thrive. The Quintuple Bottom Line, or 5Ps, is more than just our value system or philosophy. It is a “Conscious Business” framework that we proudly promote and apply to brands in the natural products industry to align with the undeniable consumer-driven shift towards social and corporate responsibility. 

Through our work with emerging brands we’ve had the incredible opportunity to co-create with passionate founders either from the ground floor or with specific needs to help propel their business.  And we have proof that it works. From Jasberry winning the The Greg Steltenpohl “Pragmatic Visionary Award” that seeks to support innovators, entrepreneurs, and change makers that are building more positive, plant-centric food system, to GoodSAM’s mission to paying organic and fair trade premiums, and using 1% of all top line sales to reinvest in our farmers, cooperatives, associations and their communities. Our brands embrace the 5Ps and thrive on a level even we couldn’t imagine.

Peetachai (Neil) Dejkraisak,  Co-Founder of Jasberry receiving The Greg Steltenpohl Pragmatic Visionary Award. Photo courtesy of New Hope Network.

We’re excited that the leadership team at Naturally Network, and their chapters, are adopting the Quintuple Bottom Line into their organization with their ConsiousCPG Summit, presented by NIQ and BeyondBrands. Happening June 17-18, this two-day virtual event promises to expand companies’ knowledge of conscious values and uncover incredible practices and strategies happening in the industry today. The summit dives deep into Naturally Network’s conscious business transformation framework, centered around our “5Ps”: Passion, Purpose, People, Planet, and Prosperity. This will help our entire natural products community, not just brands. No matter who you are or where you are in the CPG industry, they can contribute to making business a force for good. Interested companies can register here

Heather K. Terry,  Co-founder & CEO of GoodSam PBC

We are honored each day to work with our early stage clients, and as our industry evolves, many are building their businesses around these important guideposts. We look forward to hearing about the successes of brands across the nation and at Naturally Network with the adoption of the Quintuple Bottom Line and how it impacts brands and the community at large in a net positive, Win-Win-Win kinda way. 

In Excitement,