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How to bring the ancient Sonoron botanical, Damiana (Turnera Diffusa), known for it’s aphrodisiac and fertility prowess to market and build a comprehensive and tactile brand around it—replete with a suite of multi-purpose attributes?

When ex-pats and agricultural heroes Ross Vail and Noel Cianci asked Beyondbrands to imagine and structure a compelling plant-based range, all they had was love of the land, access to the shrub, and a deep intuition that the steam distilled essential oil that they had started producing in the Southern Baja had “extra-sensory”abilities. Spanning a period of twenty months Beyondbrands created a complete range for ‘Flor de Amor’, including brand identity and vision, execution strategy, formulary for 10 products, design-forward packaging, complex manufacturing specification, consumer impact-testing, and a 5-year financial plan, investor deck- with path-to-market.


Mirran Raphaely, our botanical and wellness brand maven at Beyondbrands, worked closely with a nationally respected master herbalist and San Francisco based design team to bring a forerunning and therapeutically structured, up-market, dynamic “touch-taste-trust” brand to life. The goal was to work with different formats of the ingredient and create a brand that converged confection, intimacy, and therapeutic/wellness CPG offering(s). Because the product range is produced in both Mexico and US, care had to be taken for supply-chain and regulatory complexity. Packaging needed to convey the multiple and unique attributes of Damiana— and special attention given to the Yogic philosophies of the founders.

10 exquisite and functional products emerged to meet a host of sensorial needs!


  • Working with a master herbalist to create sensorial products to enhance sexual connection, hormonal wellness and heart-opening.
  • Elevate the brand vision to include ingestible and topical offerings
  • Pair the brand goals with current cultural and wellness needs
  • Impact test with twenty participants over 60 days, and capture real and anonymous stories of enhanced connection and intimacy
  • Sophisticated and mysterious packaging that could extend past the low-market clichés of standard intimacy brands
  • Create products that both singles and couples, respectively, could enjoy.
  • Focus on menopausal women as core consumer
  • Pathways for D2C and B2B
Flor de Amor
“We deepened our capacity to connect in our relationship through a 7 hours evening of sensual and emotional presence made more accessible through the products”


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