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Laura Taylor engaged BeyondBrands to help her develop a new concept: an upscale, yet approachable alcohol-free mocktail, that enabled nondrinkers to participate in any occasion when alcohol was served. Laura, a wife and mother who is socially active in her community, came to us from a successful career in software sales. She had quit drinking alcohol a few years prior and found that her only options were soda or water. So Laura set out to create her own beverage to fulfill the need for a new alcohol-free choice that allowed non-drinkers to experience the same social connection and drinking pleasure as people who could enjoy cocktails and wine. Laura sought expertise from BeyondBrands in building a brand, formulating the product and taking it to market. She challenged BeyondBrands to create a brand and packaging that conveyed quality and sophistication, while also being approachable and healthy.


BeyondBrands’ team of ‘best in class’ professionals walked Laura through every step of the brand development process, starting with creating a brand name, packaging and formulation. As the project proceeded, our industry veterans shared knowledge and best practices with Laura on how to make her brand a success. We began the branding process by distilling the new brand identity into one perfect name: Mingle Mocktails, a spot-on metaphor for blending flavors, people and fun. From there the creative team landed on a clean, bright and upscale brand presence.

BeyondBrands fast-tracked Laura’s product development process, saving significant time, money and resources. We swiftly navigated her toward four unique flavor formulations, while simultaneously engaging industry-vetted vendors to supply products and services that would ultimately bring Mingle Mocktails to market. Through BeyondBrands’ extensive network, Laura secured support from trusted experts to source components from labels to fruit extracts. We not only accelerated the launch of Mingle Mocktails, but the BeyondBrands team provided Laura essential knowledge on how to build, launch and grow a brand in the highly competitive beverage industry. 

SOLUTIONS: Launching a Mocktail that Connects Community

To develop Mingle Mocktails, BeyondBrands performed the following tactics:

  • Naming
  • Logo development
  • Packaging Design
  • Formulation
  • Support for ingredient sourcing
  • Establishing vendor network and supply chain
  • Support for sales and distribution


Mingle Mocktails accelerated from a concept to a product with a defined brand identity and supply chain in less than seven months, the first major measurable result of BeyondBrands’ combined approach to strategic planning, multiple capabilities and engagement of seasoned experts. The BeyondBrands team continued to provide support in the sales and distribution process, enabling Laura to generate enough sustainable sales to quit her full-time job and achieve her milestone goal of being able to focus fully on Mingle Mocktails.

Mingle Mocktails has widened distribution from the Mid-Atlantic to the East Coast, with plans to expand nationally through the recent partnership with a national distributor, KeHE. In just a few months, Mingle was selected for placement in over four major retail chains and became the category leader in the Mocktail space. As sales grow, Laura and Mingle Mocktails continue to earn multiple accolades in the beverage industry and press. She still maintains the trusted relationships she developed with the BeyondBrands team and many vendor representatives they connected with her and is grateful for the team’s continued support as Mingle Mocktails gains market traction.

“BeyondBrands helped me not only achieve my dream of launching an upscale, yet approachable, line of alcohol-free mocktails, they gave me the confidence and knowledge to do so much more! Because of BeyondBrands, with no previous experience, I was able to swiftly launch a beverage, while also establishing a world-class brand and supply chain to make Mingle Mocktails the category leader in the emerging Mocktail segment. I am grateful for their professional expertise, but even more appreciative of their unwavering commitment to make my vision a reality. The BeyondBrands team shared my passion and applied their incredible experience to show me what’s possible if you trust in the right team to build a successful brand”


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