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Candice Crane, the founder of Petal, came to BeyondBrands with an organic sparkling beverage concept tied to rose water. She brought a passionate vision to combine rose extracts with other botanicals and brand it as a “rebellious,” yet feminine choice.

BeyondBrands’ challenge included strategically expanding the flavor profile and ingredient possibilities beyond the rosewater concept to develop a variety of high-appeal, floral/botanical tastes; and to create a striking verbal and visual brand identity – including a name, logo design, brand stories and packaging look – that would turn the new brand into a disruptive, shelf standout.


BeyondBrands always begins each project by building the strategy, including defining our audience and positioning vis à vis competition, and determining the brand’s unique value proposition and personality. Our founder, Eric Schnell, worked closely with Candice throughout the project, advising on strategy and formulation. He instinctively knew that there was a much greater market opportunity to create a blended botanical and floral brand that did not focus solely on rose. Once Candice understood the potential and agreed to the change, this set the course for a new name and graphic design.

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After solidifying a brand direction to appeal to health-conscious female millennials, the BeyondBrands creative team brainstormed towards names that embodied the Wild Woman/Rebel Romantic (“female badass”) archetype and embraced the world of florals and botanicals.

Out of a few hundred names developed, the finalist emerged:

PETAL, a simple, memorable and musical name that promised greater possibilities to grow the brand. We also created a new packaging category descriptive: “Sparkling Botanical Blend” which positioned PETAL uniquely among natural beverages.


“At every step we asked: does it meet the brand essence and female target audience?”   Arthur Rumaya, Design

The creative team set out to develop a bold, unique design with a contemporary, yet timeless feel for branding, packaging, website, and collateral – to make it unlike any other beverage on the shelf.



Once the strategic decision was made to launch with Original Rose, Mint Rose and Lychee Rose, the hard work of sourcing organic ingredients began, while the formulation team sought the perfect balance of ingredients and flavor.

“At the time I reached out to BB, I was in the beginning stages of formulating and branding. My first inkling that I had “found my people” came simply by filling out the BeyondBrands questionnaire on their website. The questions were casual, yet meaningful. The BB team helped me transform my idea to create a rose water beverage into a fully botanical line. They were encouraging that I stay true to my rebellious romantic vision and helped me really blossom Petal into the brand it was meant to be. Not only did they help me plant the seeds but they are true partners as I grow my business.”



Since launching the first three rose beverages in 2018 and a second launch of floral botanical Petal flavors in 2019, the brand has earned impressive notices and praise from multiple media outlets and industry authorities, including BevNET, which selected Petal as one of six finalists in their Summer 2019 New Beverage Showdown. A hit with its launch at the 2019 Winter Fancy Food show, Petal was picked up for distribution by World Finer Foods, which was “instantly drawn to Petal’s fresh innovative beverage concept,” noting that “The brand’s packaging pops off the shelf.” Sought after by conventional stores as well as natural food markets, Petal recently expanded beyond Amazon and the Midwest, with a nationwide distribution expansion into independents and chains across the country, including Albertsons, Jewel, Cost Plus World Market, Gelson’s and California Universities.

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