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Margie is an award-winning executive-consultant with over 25 years in the natural products industry and the unique perspective of a Naturopath’s lens. She thrives on making the world a better place through promoting products, companies and people who respect and live in harmony with all living things and our ecosystem. Margie provides level of sophistication and palpable passion to every project, be it non-traditional or go-to market strategies. She has the keen ability to spot trends and tipping points as well as bring capital resources to start-ups and well-established brands. When not improving the quality of life and the health of the planet with plant-based products, you can find her gardening or simply marveling at nature.

Be the Change; Do No Harm.”

Brand Experience: Osteo-Bi-Flex, Occuvite, Cellasene, Ginkoba, ArginMax, Flex-Protex, Greens First Female, Celsius, Natura Nectar, Happy Baby

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