SCOTT BERMAN Senior Digital Marketing & Media


Senior Digital Marketing & Media

A digital marketing expert for 15 years and counting, we are excited to have Scott bring his data-driven savvy to BeyondBrands. A team player, he is a passionate collaborator, leveraging his experience in politics, healthcare and non-profits along the way. Using his strategic problem solving skillset, Scott specializes in matching digital solutions and channels with clients’ desired target audiences. In fact, he helped create a unique targeting system from scratch – leveraging HIPPA-compliant health and wellness data to serve messaging directly and efficiently to health-conscious consumers. When not solving digital marketing challenges, he enjoys hiking, biking and enjoying nature in all its forms alongside his two amazing daughters who are 16 and 21.

“Enjoy what you are doing and put 100% effort into everything you do.

Brand Experience: Governor Chris Christie (2009), Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Moss Rehab Centers

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